Estate Planning Service.

Having worries over about the potential inheritance tax impact on your chargeable estate, have a no obligation chat with one of our specialist Tax advisers. They would review your circumstances and deliver a tailored recommendation.

It’s never too late to have a chat about not letting HMRC grab 40% of your loved ones wealth. With effective Estate Planning advice your personal tax affairs would be sorted. Speak to one of our specialist Tax advisers and not be part of the 73%* of the UK population who are not confident to tackle inheritance tax planning.

Request our free IHT factsheet, complete our contact us form.

Landlords and Property Investors Taxes.

Alexandra Davis appreciates Landlords and Property Investors require a specialist accounting and taxation service, so we have a dedicated team to help them to make the right decisions, with the introduction of Clause 24.

*Source: Tax Action 2014

Escape Inheritance Tax.

Inheritance tax, put you hand up if you want to pay the maximum possible?

​We didn’t think you did.

​Talking about death, is one thing, talking about death and taxes at the same time…for most people it’s like disclosing what they get up to behind closed doors or why they need to use the toilet.

Speaking about inheritance tax, can be just as uncomfortable.

Does it make sense to plan that your family can keep most if not all, of their financial legacy from you?

​I think you already know some of the things you can do? The question is how much more do you want to do?

​​Put a legal barrier between your family’s financial legacy and HMRC’s grabbing clutches looting tens of thousands of pounds.

Take action now, get your FREE 100 second Death Tax video Guide. Suppose, booking a FREE chat with one of our specialists could be helpful.

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